Diamond Institute of America

Welcome and thanks for visiting our web site. We hope you find it helpful. Diamond Institute of America is among the best known and well respected diamond grading laboratories in the world. We have pioneered the development of the first scientific system that evaluates how well a diamond has been cut. When a diamond is cut well it refracts and reflects light to the maximum degree.

Throughout the world, Diamond Institute of America has been acclaimed as an innovator because of the extensive research and development that was and continues to be devoted to how well a diamond is cut. Diamond Institute of America is also respected by consumers, jewelry retailers, and diamond manufacturers for accuracy and consistency in every aspect of diamond grading including color, clarity, and carat weight.

One of the distinguishing factors that separates Diamond Institute of America from other diamond grading laboratories is that the mission of Diamond Institute of America is one of consumer protection. Diamond Institute of America shares the important mission of the Society of consumer protection, adherence to the highest ethical standards in conducting business in the jewelry industry, and continuing gemological education for jewelers.

When you purchase a diamond with an Diamond Institute of America grading report, you are assured of the highest level of grading accuracy and the most advanced technology available for evaluating how well a diamond is cut.